Operates since 1982.

Our company is a food manufacturing plant with sophisticated machinery and facilities and specializes in the manufacture of frozen pizza-type products and cake while focusing on professionals – our customers, raising the bar every day higher for innovative, quality and safe products.

Food safety is a non-negotiable element of the definition of quality.

Our priority is to create a relationship of trust and respect with our customers, providing consistently high quality products at competitive prices. Our mind is on presenting  new products with distinctive flavors and features of an authentic tradition and contemporary profile.

This commitment to us is a major policy of the company and the satisfaction of our own requirements.

For this purpose we develop and implement a unified management system that meets the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005.

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Mr. Iatro - Iatropouloi Bros.
Food Manufacturing Plant

2nd Klm Eleutheroupoli - Kavala
ZIP Code. 64100
Telephone: 25920 23262

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